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Two years ago, a restaurant had fallen upon hard times. Only five __1__ were left: the manager and four others, all over 60 years old.

In the town near the restaurant there __2__ a successful businessman who was good at managing business, so the manager __3__ to ask the businessman if he could offer any advice that might __4__ the restaurant. The manager and the businessman talked for a long period of time, __5__ when he was asked for advice, the businessman __6__ for a while and then said, “I have no __7__to give. The __8__ thing I can tell you is that the saver (救星) is one of you.”

The manager, returning to the restaurant __9__, told the other people what the businessman had said. In the months that followed, the old restaurant workers thought __10__ of the words of the businessman, “The saver is one of us?” they asked themselves. As they __11__ about this possibility, they all began to treat each other with __12__ respect. And thinking that each of themselves __13__ be the saver, they also began to treat themselves with more care.

__14__ time went by, people coming to the restaurant __15__ that some respect and warm kindness were around the five old members of the small restaurant. Hardly knowing __16__, more people began to come back to the restaurant. They began to __17__ their friends, and theirs brought more friends. Two years later, the small restaurant had once again __18__ a big food company, thanks to the businessman’s __19__. They understood that it was they themselves that were the __20__.

1. A. members B. waiters C. cooks D. customers

2. A. lived B. stood C. lay D. sat

3. A. hoped B. decided C. allowed D. began

4. A. build B. change C. sell D. save

5. A. but B. and C. until D. so

6. A. rest B. laughed C. stopped D. wasted

7. A. money B. advice C food D. clothes

8. A. least B. most C. simple D. only

9. A. hopefully B. angrily C. lively D. nervously

10. A. strangely B. angrily C. carefully D. excitedly

11. A. heard B. Guessed C. worried D. thought

12. A. similar B. strange C. special D. strong

13. A. need B. might C. have to D. dare

14. A. With B. Since C. Before D. As

15. A. recognized B. advised C. felt D. wished

16. A. what B. how C. when D. why

17. A. order B. bring C. help D. make

18. A. become B. controlled C. organized D. increased

19. A. advice B. methods C. words D. success

20. A. God B. helper C. winner D.saver


1.【答案】A。解析:考查名词。A. members成员;B. waiters服务员;C. cooks厨师;D. customers顾客;根据the manager and four others, all over 60 years old.可知是只剩下了五个饭店的老成员,故选A。

2.【答案】A。解析:考查动词。A. lived生活;B.stood站立;C. lay躺着;D. sat坐着;生活着一个的商人,故选A。

3.【答案】B。解析:考查动词。A. hoped希望;B. decided决定;C. allowed同意;D. began开始;经理决定向这个的商人请教经商建议,故选B。

4.【答案】D。解析:考查动词。A. build建立;B. change改变;C. sell卖出;D.save节约,救;前文提到a restaurant had fallen upon hard times.可知经理想要拯救这个即将倒闭的餐馆,选D。

5.【答案】A。解析:考查连词。A. but但是;B. and和;C. until直到;D. so所以;上下文之间是转折关系,当他询问的时候,商人却想了一会说没有什么建议,选A。

6.【答案】C。解析:考查动词。A. rest休息;B.laughed笑;C.stopped停止;D. wasted浪费;商人是停顿了,想了一会,故选C。

7.【答案】B。解析:考查名词。A. money金钱;B. advice建议;C food食物;D clothes衣服;上文提到了asked for advice,可知这里商人说没什么建议,可知选B。

8.【答案】D。解析:考查形容词。A. least最少;B. most最多;C. simple简单;D. only只有;我能告诉你的的一件事就是拯救你的餐馆的人是你,故选D。

9.【答案】A。解析:考查副词。A. hopefully有希望的;B. angrily生气的;C. lively生动的,活泼的;D. nervously紧张;停了商人的话,这个经理感到很有希望,选A。

10.【答案】C。解析:考查副词。A. strangely陌生;B. angrily生气;C. carefully仔细;D. excitedly兴奋;根据“The saver is one of us?” they asked themselves可知他们都在思考这句话,说明他们想的很仔细,选C。

11.【答案】D。解析:考查动词。A. heard听见;B. guessed猜测;C. worried担忧;D. thought想;他们在考虑自己是餐馆的拯救者的可能性,选D。

12.【答案】C。解析:考查形容词。A. similar相似;B. strange奇怪;C. special特别的;D. strong强壮;因为想到这里的每一个人都是餐馆的拯救者,所以他们开始对别人都特别尊敬起来,选C。

13.【答案】B。解析:考查情态动词。A. need需要;B. might可能;C. have to不得不;D. dare敢于;他们想到他们中的每一个人都有可能是餐馆的拯救者,故选B。

14.【答案】D。解析:考查介词。A. with和;B. since自从;C. before在……之前;D. as当……;当时间一点点过去,故选D。

15.【答案】C。解析:考查动词。A. recognized辨认出;B. advised建议;C. felt感觉; D. wished希望;根据some respect and warm kindness,可知尊敬和善良是通过感觉感受到的,故选C。

16.【答案】D。解析:考查关系词。A. what什么;B. how怎么样;C. when何时;D. why为什么;但是他们都不知道这其中的原因,故选D。

17.【答案】B。解析:考查动词。 A. order订购;B. bring带来;C. help帮助;D. make使得;根据theirs brought more friends可知是带朋友一起来,故选B。

18.【答案】A。解析:考查动词。A. become成为;B. controlled控制;C.organized 组织;D.increased增加;这个曾经落魄的小餐馆又一次成为了一个大餐馆,故选A。

19.【答案】C。解析:考查名词。A. advice建议;B. methods途径;C. words话语;D. success;是因为上文商人的一番话,他们才能重新经营起来,故选C。

20.【答案】D。解析:考查名词。A. God上帝;B. helper帮助者;C. winner胜利者;D.saver 拯救者;根据each of themselves _____ be the saver,可知是他们自己是餐馆的拯救者,故选D。


The findings come from a study of nearly 1,000 US people that looked at diet, calorie intake and body mass index (BMI) —a measure of obesity. __1__ is found that those who ate chocolate a few times a week were, on __2__, slimmer than those __3__ ate it occasionally. Even __4__ chocolate is loaded with calories, it contains ingredients (成分) that may favour weight loss __5__ than fat synthesis, scientists believe. __6__ boosting calorie intake, regular chocolate consumption was related to lower BMI in the study, __7__ is published in Archives of Internal Medicine. The link remained even when other factors, like how __8__ exercise individuals did, were taken into __9__. And it appears it is how often you eat chocolate that is important, rather than how much of it you eat. The __10__ found no link with quantity consumed.

__11__ to the researchers, there is only one chance in a hundred that their findings could be explained by chance alone. Lead author Dr Beatrice Golomb, from the University of California at San Diego, said: “Our findings appear to add to a body of information suggesting that the composition of calories, not just the number of them, matters for determining their ultimate impact on weight.” This is not the first time scientists __12__ that chocolate may be healthy for us. Other studies have claimed chocolate may be good for the heart. Consumption of certain types of chocolate has been linked to some favourable changes in blood pressure, insulin (胰岛素) sensitivity and cholesterol (胆固醇) level. And chocolate, __13__ dark chocolate, does contain antioxidants (抗氧化剂) which can help to mop up harmful free radicals—unstable chemicals that can damage our cells.

Dr Golomb and her team believe that antioxidant compounds, called catechins(儿茶素), can improve lean muscle mass and reduce weight— __14__ studies in rodents would suggest this might be so. Mice __15__ for 15 days with epicatechin (present in dark chocolate) had improved exercise performance and observable changes to their muscle composition. They say clinical trials are now needed in humans to see __16__ this is the case.

But before you reach __17__ a chocolate bar, there are still lots of unanswered questions. And in the absence of conclusive evidence, experts advise caution. While there’s no harm in allowing yourself a treat like __18__ now and again, eating too much might be harmful because it often __19__ a lot of sugar and fat too. And if you are looking to change your diet, you are __20__ to benefit most from eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

1. A. As B. It C. Which D. What

2. A. whole B. average C. general D. short

3. A. who B. that C. which D. why

4. A. though B. so C. but D. or

5. A. other B. rather C. less D. more

6. A.Though B. Even if C. When D. Despite

7. A. that B. which C. where D. when

8. A. much B. often C. long D. many

9. A. thought B. mind C. account D. effect

10. A. news B. report C. study D. book

11. A. According B. Based C. Reply D. Response

12. A. had suggested B. suggested

C. have suggested D. suggest

13. A. specially B. particularly C. luckily D. unfortunately

14. A. at least B. at most C. in fact D. by accident

15. A. feeding B. fed C. to feed D. feed

16. A. if B. what C. why D. that

17. A. out B. for C. with D. into

18. A. noodles B. chocolate C. rice D. nuts

19. A. includes B. takes C. absorbs D. contains

20. A. probable B. possible C. likely D. about


1.【答案】B。解析:考查固定句型。It is found that…it作形式主语,指代后面的that从句。故选B。

2.【答案】B。解析:考查固定结构。on average“平均”。


4.【答案】A。解析:考查固定结构。even though“尽管”。

5.【答案】B。解析:考查固定结构。rather than“而不是”。




9.【答案】C。解析:考查固定短语。take sth into account/consideration“考虑”。


11.【答案】A。解析:考查句意理解。according to 根据。

12.【答案】C。解析:考查固定用法。This is not the first time是现在完成时的标志。


14.【答案】A。解析:考查词组辨析。at least 至少;at most至多;in fact事实上;by accident偶然,意外地。

15.【答案】B。解析:考查mice和feed之间是被动关系,此处作mice的定语,相当于which were fed。


17.【答案】B。解析:考查词组reach for a chocolate bar伸手去拿巧克力棒。